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Mike Ferry - "Upgrade ... Upgrade ... Upgrade"

Upgrade … upgrade … upgrade … has been my theme throughout the calendar year 2013 and will remain my theme as we enter 2014. The difference between the haves and the have-nots in Real Estate is becoming the widest that it’s ever been and growing by the day. By this, I mean, the gap between people that know how to list and sell Real Estate and the huge number that don’t seem to have any idea … is widening. Why is this taking place? There is probably a dozen reasons, but one of the most common things that I can see is the lack of professionalism on the part of so many agents as they go about doing the job of trying to list and sell Real Estate. No better example than during my April/May and August/September west and east coast tours. We had, each day, 50 to 200 agents that I was working with on behalf of the Broker. It was not uncommon to see people sitting in shorts and t-shirts with flip flops on, to seeing people who appeared to not have showered or bathed for several days (maybe longer), to seeing people who had virtually no understanding of the listing and sales process … and all I had to do was watch their faces to know that you, as a professional salesperson, should hope they are your competition. At the same time, I told all of our good clients like yourselves to upgrade, because it allows you to stand out on even a wider margin from the masses and it makes the process of you being selected by a buyer or seller so much easier. Think about this scenario for a minute … you have a $500,000 home for sale and you’re willing to pay a 6% commission or $30,000 to an agent. Agent A shows up in a pair of stylish baggy jeans, with a t-shirt on and their hair spiked straight up, and reading emails and texting while the presentation is being made. Agent B shows up dressed professionally in a suit and tie, shoes shined and well groomed, with a lot of enthusiasm following a good, strong scripted presentation. Who do you think the seller is going to pick 90% of the time? “But Mike … ! There are agents in my office that you just described as being unprofessional and they get listings.” Of course they do, they are competing against people like themselves, not competing against people like you. Upgrade everything about yourself in 2014. The smile on your face, your personal grooming, nicely dressed, professional attire, your shoes are shined, you’re enthusiastic about the opportunity and you have a strong canned presentation to follow. You’re going to widen the gap and you’re going to be chosen because of your professional style. Upgrade.




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Mike Ferry - "Upgrade.. Upgrade.. Upgrade"
Upgrade … upgrade … upgrade … has been my theme throughout the calendar year 2013 and will remain my theme as we enter 2014. The difference between the haves and the have-nots in Real Estate is becoming the widest that it’s ever been and growing by… more
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